Stephen Joseph Antonelli 

Stephen Antonelli, Founder of SongBuilderStudios

Owner Stephen Joseph Antonelli is a music producer, composer, arranger, musician, engineer with 20+ years of experience.  He's worked with countless bands and artists through the years in Nashville, New York and now Baltimore, MD. He's seen national and commercial success with his production and songwriting including film and TV placements with Discovery, TLC and MTV among others. Steve is a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing and has had the honor to be involved with SPARS and AES through the years. He's a member of the board of advisors  for Studio Unkown. Stephen's ability to actually listen and even learn from his clients ideas is what will help your song be the best it can be.

Nate Lanzino

Nate Lanzino, Producer at SongBuilder Studios

Stephen Seibel

Hannah Sunday

Hannah Sunday BW Picture

Owner Nate Lanzino is a producer, engineer, songwriter and well versed multi-instrumentalist. Having played in a wide array of bands over the past decade, Nate has a great perspective on the music scene and a very eclectic palate. He has honed his craft for production over the past 10 years and is very in tune with current music trends of today. Nate's calm demeanor and tenacity for music might be what our clients love most about him! Nate is also a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing.


Stephen Seibel is a producer steeped in all things left-field: from underground hip hop (with jazz and soul that inform its heritage), to noise and all manner of psychedelia. Stephen approaches projects with an open mind, aiming to help the artist achieve their vision, “Each project is a learning experience. My goal is to bring each artist’s project from concept to reality as completely as possible, while taking the opportunity to grow as an engineer and producer.”


Hannah Sunday is a producer/engineer and classical vocalist (BA in Classical Voice Performance and Music Technology UMBC).  She has a keen ear for all things classical but also works in multi genres as a producer.  Hannah handles all of our audition and pre-screening sessions as well as typical artist sessions.  "When you work with Hannah, you'll get a producer who will make you feel comfortable but will also pay extreme attention to detail" - Stephen Joseph Antonelli.