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You cannot get an A if you’re afraid of getting an F.

- Quincy Jones


If you are looking for a studio to help guide you through the entire process of creating quality songs, you came to the right place.  We will help you craft a song from a basic melody or lyrics to a radio-ready work of art, plus help you every step of the way to navigate the music business from copyrights and publishing to info about music libraries, social media and digital marketing. Need help learning music production? We will be happy to give you one-on-one training to get you up to speed and beyond.

We love what we do and we know you love what you do, so let's build something great together (bonus: we consider ourselves to be your confidence builder, too). 



Full-custom music production


Music Production Training


Music business 101

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“Anyone can write a good song, it takes a team to build a great song.”

Stephen Antonelli  |  Founder and Producer


What some people have to say about us. 

Thanks, people!


“I have been working with SongBuilder Studios for 3+ years to write, produce and record with my band FIVES. We are really happy with the creative collaboration and dedication to achieving an amazing end product!!”

  • Matt White (FIVES)

 “Great service and quality sound, Definitely a pleasure to work with!”

  • Profici Kev (National Rap artist)

“My band Sunbathers recorded a single at Songbuilder Studios with Steve and Nate. They were extremely professional, and were very helpful throughout the entire recording process. We were very happy with the quality of the end product. Highly recommend!”

  • Tim Boate (Sunbathers)

“I've recorded at several studios, and this one is by far my favorite! Great vibe in this place. It's located on a street filled with local music stores. Stephen Joseph is hardworking and encouraging, and cares about your project just as much as you do. He welcomes my ideas, and will share ideas of his own. Love him!”

  • Julie Cymek (Sweet Leda)

“I have been working with Steve and SongBuilder Studios since 2008. Steve and I have co-written many songs, and he did awesome productions on all of them. All of our songs are signed with Publishers and several have had Film & TV placements. Steve & SongBuilder studios have helped mold me as a writer & a singer. We have a ton of fun when I am in the studio. They are great guys who know the business and they tell it like it is!”

  • Michelle Lockey (Songwriter - The Voice, Reign, The Fosters, etc)

I have been recording with Steve since 2016 and it has been an amazing experience. He has pushed me to become a better singer and has helped me to achieve much more than I thought I was capable of. His talent and motivation is truly inspiring. His partner in crime, Shea, has been a great addition to my team. She writes incredible songs and has such an upbeat personality. I enjoy every session that I DO at Songbuilders.

  • Kamryn Marie (Artist)