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Stephen Antonelli 

owner, Producer, Songwriter, Musician

Producer, composer, arranger, musician, engineer with 20+ years of experience in the music business.

Stephen Joseph Antonelli has worked with countless bands and artists through the years in Nashville, New York and Baltimore, MD. He's seen national and commercial success with his production and songwriting including film and TV placements with Discovery, TLC and MTV among others. Steve sits on the board of advisors for Studio Unknown, a post audio studio in Baltimore and is a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing (DC Chapter).


Kevin Hickey

Producer, songwriter, Musician and song Builder

Producer, composer, arranger, musician and engineer.

Kevin is a producer and songwriter who has worked with acts such as Chaos Chaos and the Rick and Morty team. Starting out as an engineer in NYC, Kevin now resides in Baltimore and enjoys finding new, exciting artists to work with in the area. Kevin's production style specializes in modern pop, hip-hop and r&b.