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What's Happening?


SongBuilder Studios is a full-service recording studio offering in-house production, songwriting and recording services. Simply put, we build songs.

  • In-house Producers help you craft your songs every step of the way.
  • In-house Songwriters help you map out and fine-tune your song structure.
  • Trained and skilled Engineers, who've recorded, mixed and mastered hundreds of songs, bring your songs to life. 
  • A professional and comfortable relaxed studio experience
  • Knowledge, intelligent marketing resources and music business details for musicians and artists


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709 Fredrick Rd, Ste 2B Catonsville, MD 2122



What do we do?

We build songs! We are producers and writers, not just engineers. If you are looking for a studio to help guide you through the entire process of creating quality songs, you came to the right place.  We will help you craft a song from a basic melody or lyrics to a radio-ready work of art. We love what we do and we know you love what you do. Let's make something together!

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Have a track already and need to record vocals? Play a musical instrument and want to record your song with us? We offer basic recording services for musicians and singers who play, perform and/or provide their own music for recording. You bring the music and ideas and we'll capture it. At the end of your recording, you'll receive a mix.


mixing & mastering

What is mixing and mastering? Well, thanks for asking! *have a seat* Mixing is the process of fine tuning and editing your recording to allow all the parts of a song to be heard and seamlessly blended. Mastering brings that song to life as the final process of producing a song that's commercially viable. In a non-technical way: we make your song sound "radio ready."


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Music business 

Our dedicated and talented staff will sit down with you and explain details of the music business to allow you to make intelligent decisions when it comes to your music. We can help you avoid the pitfalls most musicians make and guide you in the beginning stages of navigating the music business.

Get in touch with our head producer for recording, mixing and mastering. EMAIL HIM TODAY!


Stephen Joseph Antonelli 

Stephen Antonelli, Founder of SongBuilderStudios

Producer, composer, arranger, musician, engineer with 20+ years of experience in the music business.

Contact: stephen@songbuilderstudios.com

Stephen Joseph Antonelli has worked with countless bands and artists through the years in Nashville, New York and Baltimore, MD. He's seen national and commercial success with his production and songwriting including film and TV placements with Discovery, TLC and MTV among others. Steve’s musical tastes and clients range from Rock to Pop to Soul. After years of playing in bands, he made his way to Nashville in 1996 and continued to work in the industry as a drummer, songwriter and a representative of Broadcast Media, Inc. Steve moved to New York City in 2003 and was there where he fine-tuned his skills as a producer and writer. He now owns and operates SongBuilder Studios in Baltimore, MD, sits on the board of advisors for Studio Unknown, a post audio studio in Baltimore and is a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing (DC Chapter). Stephen's ability to actually listen and even learn from his clients ideas is what will help your song be the best it can be.  

Resident Producers

Nate Lanzino

Nate Lanzino, Producer at SongBuilder Studios

Producer, engineer, 

songwriter and well versed multi-instrumentalist. 

Having played in a wide array of bands over the past decade, Nate Lanzino has a great perspective on the music scene and a very eclectic palate. He has honed his craft for production over the past 10 years and is very in tune with current music trends of today. Nate's calm demeanor and tenacity for music might be what our clients love most about him! Nate is also a member of the Grammy Producers and Engineer Wing. nate@songbuilderstudios.com


Music Production Training

A real-world training program for up-and-coming music producers that provides in-depth but practical information and guidance for young producers to get up and running quickly. 

Based on where each individual student is at, trainees will learn how to navigate digital audio workstations and operate studio equipment, plus dive into studio etiquette and the psychology of working with clients. From in-depth engineering practices (learning how to use compressors, equalization, effects, pre-amps, and troubleshooting) right down to producing their first track, SongBuilder Studios will provide aspiring producers with all they need to know to get started in the industry.

Samples of Our Work

Take a listen to the music we've been involved in creating!


SongBuilder Songwriting

Along with producing and writing songs with artists and bands, We understand, value and foster the songwriting process. 

Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Seth Hurwitz and Nate Lanzino are all accomplished songwriters who write songs to actively pitch for film, TV and other artist opportunities.  Check out some of our work to the right! All songs written by the SongBuilders team.


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