10 Questions with Steve Herrera

1. Tell us about your musical background, how you got into songwriting, and any current projects you have now.

My background is pretty basic.. picked up the guitar at around age 13, started writing songs almost instantly!  As I grew older, my musical taste evolved and I became exposed to lots of different styles of music, all of which play a part in my writing process. The only project I have currently is my solo project. I’m looking to release an EP in the new year.

2. What influences you as a songwriter?

What influences me as a songwriter.. in the broadest terms: life, interactions, emotions, relationships both romantic or platonic.  If I hear a story, or experience something that affects me on an emotional or spiritual level, I’m gonna put it in a song.  Not all of my songs are autobiographical, a lot of it is fiction, but it’s all based off the ups and downs of real life.

3. What do you think about the current state of the music industry? Do you think it’s more difficult to build a career in music today than say 20 years ago?

A lot has changed in the industry in just the past decade, let alone the past 50 plus years.  Technology has played a HUGE role in this. However, a few royal tenants remain… talent, innovation, and most importantly DRIVE. In terms of musical taste, and what’s “popular” I mean.. that stuff is constantly changing. But if an artist has enough of the three qualities I just listed, then man, you can get as far as you want.  Especially with the onset of social media and the interconnection of the web.  There are countless ways to get your content out there and get new fans.  And that’s really all it comes down to, getting a solid (and expanding) fanbase.. from there you can really go places!

4. Who are some of your favorite songwriters right now?

My musical taste is all over the place really..  a few artists I’m really digging currently are some Americana/Folk cats like Dawes, Jason Isbell, Ray Lamontagne..  But I also love me some good party music, I’ve been digging on this techno pop duo, Powers most recently. Also, roots rock bands like the Alabama Shakes, and J. Roddy Walston and the Business are doing some fantastic things!

5. If you haven’t already, are you open to working with another songwriter or a team of songwriters?

I’m always down to collaborate! Some of the best stuff comes that way.

6. How important are outside opinions of your working songs?

I’ll take any and all opinions about my works in progress that are offered.  I may or may not take said opinions into the studio, but it’s always nice to hear different takes on my stuff, from music folk and non music folk alike.

7. If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would it be and why?

This is an impossible question to answer….  I guess safe answer, Dave Matthews, he was one of the first and biggest influences on my musical voice. But I mean, there are SO many artists I’d absolutely love to collaborate with. too many to mention.

8. What’s the most unique location you’ve ever written a song?

Honestly? The toilet.

9. With thousands of miles of touring under your belt, what’s one of your fondest memories from the road?

Man.. so many memories, both amazing, and amazingly bad! I gotta say one of my fondest would have to be Baghdad.  We were doing an AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) tour through the mid east a few years back.  We were hopping around Iraq in the belly of a C-130, playing various military installments.  We stayed at the base in Baghdad for a few days due to some dust storms that were preventing us from traveling.  It was located in Saddam Hussein’s old compound, we stayed in one of his old palaces, where the top Generals of the US military stay.  We also got a guided tour through the grounds.  Saw some incredible stuff, and some incredible devastation. it was a rollercoaster of a trip and I was left supremely humbled and grateful. that entire tour was one of the most eye-opening, inspiring experiences of my life.

10. Your favorite song of 2015?

“It’s Alright” courtesy of yours truly ;)

Thanks Steve! Make sure you check out his new single “It’s Alright” on Bandcamp!