10 Questions with Shelby Blondell

Here is the first of our “10 Questions” Interviews with songwriters from our region.  First up,  Shelby Blondell.  Shelby is a super talented singer, songwriter, and performer from MD. She’s had some amazing opportunities to play with Howie Day, Aaron Carter, Ginny Blackmore and others.
We sat down and asked Shelby 10 Questions about her music, her influences and the industry.  Check out what she had to say:

1.  Tell us about your musical background, how you got into songwriting, and any current projects you have now.
Growing up music has always been a big part of my family. My dad played in Baltimore bands, and my oldest sister played violin and sang.  My love for music started at age 5 when I got a violin.  A few years later I decided that I also wanted to learn how to play piano.  Before lessons I would teach myself guitar at the music store where lessons were held!  High School is when songwriting came into play for me.  Songwriting became a hobby unlike any other.  Through a song I could tell a story and show an experience.  Currently I have 4 new songs that are ready to be out for the world! Be on the lookout for my next EP!

2.  What influences you as a songwriter?
As a songwriter, personal experiences influence me.  Personally an influence for a song can come from a relationship, something happy or sad, confusing or completely random. 

3.  What do you think about the current state of the music industry?
The music industry today is a very interesting and crowded place.  I think it is amazing the amount of incredible talent that is out in the world.  The music industry is filled with so many outlets for every kind of artist. In the  industry today it is extremely hard to break out into as a full time career. 

4.  Who are some of your favorite songwriters right now?
I have to say that Sara Bareilles has to be one of my favorite songwriters.  She always has a message behind her songs.  Sara does a really nice job with the words she uses to portray her stories. 

5.  Have you ever worked another songwriter or a team of songwriters? If so, how did it go?

I have worked on some teams in the past.  Two guys, Scott Robinson & Joe Mach, and I have worked together on a few songs and it went great!  We sat down and tried to decide first what the song really was trying to say and then went from there. In the end we came up with two really amazing songs that I cannot wait to share!

6.  If not, would you be open to it?

7.  Do you think it would be beneficial to have an unbiased team of songwriters in the studio with you while you record music?
I think an unbiased team would be good in some instances.  There are some songs that are really close to an artists heart. In that case it is important to make sure you have a team who you know will keep your head where it needs to be. 

8.  What’s the most unique location you’ve ever written a song?
The most unique location I have ever written a song…. good question! A phone is a magical thing! There have been many times that I am out and a line word or melody comes to me! There have been a few times in a grocery story that parts of a song have been cultivated!

9.  You’ve shared the stage with some big acts, what is one of the most memorable moments you have playing live?

There have been two shows in particular that stood out.  The first concert I went to was Aaron Carter; getting to share the stage with him the night my first CD came out was pretty rememberable! Playing with Howie Day was also great. I remember during his soundcheck him walking off and coming over to introduce himself to me; that was pretty great!

10.  If you could build an all-star team around, who would you bring on board?
An all star team is a hard question! I wouldn’t change the group of guys that I have around now for the world! I think It would be incredible to get to work with Sara Bareilles, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry or someone like Justin Timberlake.

Shelby for the interview.  We wish you much success with your music and career in this crazy business we all know and love. 
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