What do we do?

We build songs! We are producers and writers, not just engineers. If you are looking for a studio to help guide you through the entire process of creating quality songs, you came to the right place.  We will help you craft a song from a basic melody or lyrics to a radio-ready work of art. We love what we do and we know you love what you do. Let's make something together!

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Have a track already and need to record vocals? Play a musical instrument and want to record your song with us? We offer basic recording services for musicians and singers who play, perform and/or provide their own music for recording. You bring the music and ideas and we'll capture it. At the end of your recording, you'll receive a mix.


mixing & mastering

What is mixing and mastering? Well, thanks for asking! *have a seat* Mixing is the process of fine tuning and editing your recording to allow all the parts of a song to be heard and seamlessly blended. Mastering brings that song to life as the final process of producing a song that's commercially viable. In a non-technical way: we make your song sound "radio ready."


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Music business 

Our dedicated and talented staff will sit down with you and explain details of the music business to allow you to make intelligent decisions when it comes to your music. We can help you avoid the pitfalls most musicians make and guide you in the beginning stages of navigating the music business.

Get in touch with our head producer for recording, mixing and mastering. EMAIL HIM TODAY!