Music Business 101

We understand how overwhelming the music industry can be and we want to help guide you through it. We offer sessions to sit down and talk through everything with you for a low rate with a ton of information. You'll walk away with a packet of everything we talked about, plus a few extra goodies we have for your artists

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we don't make it "lamens"

we help you understand

Do you understand publishing? Do you understand the difference between publishing and copyrights? Do you belong to a P.R.O? How about ISRC codes? Did you know that most musicians don't know what a publishing contract looks like?

We break down the concepts and define the terms. 

where to start?

Let us give you direction.  

As artists, we know what it feels like to be at the beginning of your journey completely unsure of how and where to start! 

How do I make money making music? Where is the best place to put my songs? Do I join anything? Who do I talk to? Can my music make it into TV? Radio?