Ready to kick things into high gear?

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SongBuilder Studios is proud to announce their partnership with INDIELine, a company who advances artists as brands & helps audiences interact with their music. We understand how overwhelming the music industry can be and we want to help guide you through it. We offer sessions to sit down and talk through everything with you for a low rate with a ton of information.

Do you understand publishing? Do you understand the difference between publishing and copyrights? Do you belong to a P.R.O? How about ISRC codes? Did you know that most musicians don't know what a publishing contract looks like?

INDIELine provides:

  • Publicity campaigns: release planning, Bio’s , EPK creation, social media

  • Design

  • Custom music production (including producing/engineering/mixing/mastering)

  • Songwriting services and co-writes

  • Pitching for TV/movies/music libraries

  • Media and film planning/execution

  • Booking strategies

  • Music Business: Contracts (of all types)

  • Performance coaching and production

  • One-on-one support coaching for specific needs

  • Merch design and creation

  • Video promotion

  • Playlist promotion

  • Soundcloud promotion

  • Youtube promotion